Interactive introduction to multi-way analysis in MATLAB
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  1. Handling multi-way data in MATLAB

  2. Basic PARAFAC modeling

  3. Advanced PARAFAC modeling

  4. Multi-way calibration

  5. Advanced multi-way calibration

  6. More on preprocessing

  7. On missing values

  8. Tucker introduction

  9. Feature of the Tucker model

  10. Tucker application

This tutorial gives an introduction to multi-way analysis using MATLAB and the N-way Toolbox version 2 and beyond (download tutorial for off-line use (version 2005, jan)). The N-way Toolbox is compatible with MATLAB 5.x and higher. An older version of the toolbox is available which is compatible with MATLAB version 4.2 as well (version 1.04). Tutorials for this toolbox are available here.

There are three main multi-way models: PARAFAC and Tucker for decompositions and N-PLS for calibration/regression. N-PLS and Tucker are numerically stable and can hence be used as ordinary two-way methods without considering numerical aspects such as convergence etc. However, these models are not unique. The PARAFAC model is unique under mild conditions, but numerically it is sometimes unstable. Therefore one has to e.g. check convergence by doing multiple runs.

Otherwise the models can be interpreted and used very similar to two-way methods like PCA and PLS as will hopefully be evident from this course

We appreciate all kinds of comments on this course: misspellings, suggestions for improvements, etc.

Download the toolbox. Uncompress the toolbox and be sure the path is included in your matlab path. Remember to download the data sets as well, since they are used throughout this course. After downloading and decompressing the files, please check the directory of updated files. If there are any files there, download these and overwrite prior ones.

The material in this course and in the N-way Toolbox are given for free. However, we do appreciate appropriate referencing if you use our stuff. If you wish to refer to this WWW-course use the following:

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